Bacterial Vaginosis Regular Treatment

When you are tired of the symptoms and make that first step to visit your doctor and receive the diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis you will more than likely start trying all the over the counter products you can find along with taking the antibiotics prescribed by your physician. Before we go into the conventional treatment, you must first understand a bit more about Bacterial Vaginosis.

In your vagina that is good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria works to keep your vagina clean and healthy as well as rid the vagina of organic substances your vagina does not need. The bad bacteria on the other hand is the bacteria responsible for infection like the Bacterial Vaginosis you may now have.

Now that you know an infection brought on by bacteria is the cause of your problem, you realize you have to rid your vagina of the bacteria. The antibiotics will help with problem but can be harmful.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, period. They fight all bacteria and cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. This can be devastating if the antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your vagina as to stay healthy; your vagina has to have a proper level of good and bad bacteria. If the antibiotics kill all bacteria, you may become worse.

For those with chronic Bacterial Vaginosis, the antibiotics will provide temporary relief. The problem is that the symptoms will recur somewhere within two weeks to one month. Okay, you enjoyed a few days of comfort, but these reoccurring problems can still lead to more serious problems.

The most common antibiotic prescribed is Metronidazole but this is only a temporary solution and the symptoms will come back.

The truth is, even though I do not have a medical degree and have never been to medical school, is that antibiotics may help with symptoms for a short period but does not cure the problem. Bacterial Vaginosis just lies dormant for a short time and then flairs up again. From my own experience, this occurred with my Bacterial Vaginosis and the use of antibiotics. This is why I recommend all natural therapies. Using an all-natural process is the only way to cure Bacterial Vaginosis and never have it return. The best part of all is that all natural therapies are inexpensive, easy to use, fast, and certainly not embarrassing. You do not have to discuss your condition with anyone and the pharmacist will never know that you have Bacterial Vaginosis as he or she will when your purchase over the counter products.

The best over the counter products are Femanol and Destinol. These do work pretty good and you have even cure your Bacterial Vaginosis but these products are not all natural and may have side effects.

I prefer to use all natural products that offer no side effects and will not be harmful at all. The all-natural systems have been proven to be effective without harmful side effects or killing all bacteria as with antibiotics.