Bacterial Vaginosis in Men - Is it possible?

The very first question that comes to your mind, when reading this title is: does bacterial vaginosis in men occur frequently? Bacterial vaginosis cannot be seen in males. The genitals of men do not offer the similar kind of environment like the genitals of a woman for the infections to flourish. However, men can make women's infection worse through regular sexual contacts, as their genitals may have traces of bacteria transferred to them by their sexual partner.

It is generally known that men should not maintain sexual contacts with their partners who are already infected. Men carry bacteria to the women's urethra and if they are infected, this can affect women adversely even more.

A woman is often embarrassed to discuss this problem openly with her boyfriend. Although this is not a sexually transmitted disease, you can use a condom for some time till the symptoms alleviate. There are several natural remedies that can make wonders and work at a faster rate to treat the infection.

Men can never get bacterial vaginosis. Thus, they cannot transfer it to females who do not have it. Hence, the question of treatment for men in this case is not relevant. The female organs and vagina, in particular, are only exposed to the development of vaginosis. So there are chances of bacterial vaginosis getting transferred between 2 females having a sexual relationship.

Now, since it is something related to sexual activities and genitals, you may ask, can it be transferred through kissing? The answer to this is solely no. The infection cannot be transferred by means of kissing.

Despite all this, bacterial vaginosis in men can be one of the prominent causes of recurring bacterial vaginosis in females. The male partner may carry traces of infections and transfer them to the women. If he does not go for any treatment for this, he can pass the infection to the woman again. In order to prevent this from happening, it is always better to indulge into safer sex practices. The use of condoms is advisable over any kind of contraceptive.

In order to treat bacterial vaginosis in men, natural treatments like apple cider vinegar and yogurt are beneficial. Consume some cups of unsweetened and plain yogurt regularly to keep yourself away from bacterial vaginosis.

In conclusion, bacterial vaginosis in men does not exist since they do not have vaginas. It is only the bacteria that bring about this condition in men. These bacteria can be transmitted from men to women during sexual intercourse. From there, it can be transferred back from women to men as well. So, though it is a fact that men do not have bacterial vaginosis, they play a great role in bringing about its recurrence and blocking your efforts to deal with this situation. Hence, while treating this problem, many doctors recommend both the partners to take the medicines with an aim to prevent reoccurrence.

Bacterial vaginosis in men is seen very rarely and women are more prone to this condition. One can browse the internet to learn more about it.