Bacterial Vaginosis Homeopathic Remedy - Should You Try It?

Bacterial vaginosis is a very common infection that occurs in the vagina. It is caused by bacterial proliferation the makes the internal flora of the vagina unbalanced. The condition has unpleasant symptoms like burning, itching, smelly discharge and painful sexual activity. It is very difficult to treat such types of infections and they generally re-occur again. However, you can effectively switch to alternative medicine solutions to get cured. Yes, I am talking about switching to homeopathy, which has cures for all sorts of infections. You can find a bacterial vaginosis homeopathic remedy that can give you relief instantly, irrespective of the severity of the situation. Many problems can be treated using homeopathic alternatives and vaginosis is one of them.

A traditional bacterial vaginosis homeopathic remedy usually makes use of Creosote to relive the symptoms. It is mostly used when the woman has thin watery discharge with fishy smell. Another situation in which Creosote is used is when there is a swollen and itchy vulva.

Sepia is another bacterial vaginosis homeopathic remedy. It is used when the discharge is milky and white instead of being watery. There is a burning sensation as well. If Sepia is the correct alternative, you will feel pressure in the vagina.

The discharge may be grey or green in color. The color suggests the type of remedy to be used for cure. If there is green discharge and the vagina is painful, then one should go for Bovista. If greenish discharge is seen immediately after the woman's period has ended, Nitric acid is the correct choice. If it occurs before the period, then go for carb veg. For grey discharge, Aregentums Metallicum is the best cure.

One effective and simple bacterial vaginosis homeopathic remedy is Cranberry juice. This is a fruit that is famous for its flushing and cleansing properties. It can help you cleanse the bacterial infection present in your body. In addition, you should also drink lot fresh water. Try to drink up to 8 to 10 glasses per day. In general, the more water you drink the better. Still, at least 8 glasses are required to get rid of infections at a faster rate.

Yogurt is another natural remedy that may cure bacterial vaginosis. Try to eat yogurt that contains active and live cultures twice a day. You can even apply the natural and unsweetened yogurt directly to the vagina using a tampon or a swab. It aids to decrease the inflammation and offers great relief. Other remedies include soaking a tea bag in a glass of water and letting the solution cool. Apply this solution to the vaginal area. You will get great relief. This solution promotes healing as well.

Garlic is highly known and recognized for its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. This vegetable can do wonders if you apply some of it on the affected area. It can normalize and regulate the amount of bacteria present in the vaginal area. It is a great bacterial vaginosis homeopathic remedy that you should definitely try to get cured faster.