Bacterial Vaginosis Causes

The most common cause of Bacterial vaginosis is the imbalance of bad and good bacteria, which begins with an imbalance of pH in the vagina. The solution is to ensure the pH balance does not become imbalanced.

The most common causes of Bacterial vaginosis are thought to be:

  • Changing sex partners or having a new sex partner is a very common cause.
  • Menopause is also at the top of the list for common causes. If you are going into your menopausal years, it is best to go with prevention measures instead of waiting for symptoms to occur.
  • Wearing thongs.
  • Anemia.

You now have bad bacteria in your vagina, which is causing an imbalance in the pH levels in your vagina. Your vagina is a fragile organ and the proper pH balance has to be kept at the correct level to stay healthy. When your vagina is healthy, it has the proper balance of bad and good bacteria, however, when Bacterial vaginosis occurs the bad bacteria outweighs the good bacteria and the healthy balance of pH levels and bacteria.

The one thing you must remember is that even virgins can get Bacterial vaginosis. Sex is not a prelude to the condition, even though it is thought to be the main cause.

Today, you can use all natural cures that will help you ensure the balance is correct as well as help in the removal of any bacterial infection. Your vagina is fragile and with a chronic case of Bacterial vaginosis it can lead to more serious health problems. You need to take care of your vagina and ensure you get the proper treatment and keep the vagina healthy to ensure you never have to deal with Bacterial vaginosis.

Instead of the over the counter products or even conventional treatments, natural cures have been proven to work best for Bacterial vaginosis. Even women that have had problems with reoccurring Bacterial vaginosis have found the cure with natural remedies. The remedies do not work over night but with many over the counter methods the condition never goes away.

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