What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

A few months ago, I visited my physician and was given the news that I had bacterial vaginosis. From this experience, I learned as much as I could about this condition and I am now here to give others answers to their questions. From the moment of the diagnosis until now, I have tried all the different remedies and researched until I thought I would fall over from exhaustion. I finally found the answer to cure BV using an all-natural remedy. If you have been having problems with this same condition, I hope my experience will give you the answers you need to live without the reoccurrence of bacterial vaginosis.

Bacterial Vaginosis affects women's vagina as a bacterial disease. It is usually known to attack women that are in their childbearing years. This condition is also referred to as BV and can recur. Antibiotics are often administered but do not provide a permanent cure to this condition that occurs irregularly. The infection begins with an imbalance of a specific type of bacteria that is found in the vagina, which leads to the imbalance of the acid base known as pH factor inside the vagina cavity. You may also hear this condition referred to as vaginal bactereosis or bacterial vaginitis.

Micrograph of bacterial vaginosis

Micrograph of bacterial vaginosis - squamous cells of the cervix covered with rod-shaped bacteria, Gardnerella vaginalis (arrows).

Within the vagina there is bacteria, both god and bad. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the bad bacteria known as anaerobes is greater than the good bacteria which leads to other issues. Many people believe that yeast infections are the most common infections; however, this is only a myth as over half of all infections are brought on by bacteria instead of yeast. This means that since so many women believe that yeast infections are pretty commonplace, they believe they have a yeast infection when it is actually bacterial vaginosis.

The truth is that even though bad bacteria is the cause of bacterial vaginosis they are several species of bacteria at work causing the condition, thus the reason it is so hard to combat. In the majority of cases antibiotics are only a temporary solution that will offer relief for a short time, but the symptoms reoccur after a short period of improvement.

The most prominent symptom of bacterial vaginosis noticed by women is the foul fishy odor, which can be very embarrassing. Along with the odor, you will notice a discharge, pain, itching, and burning. This condition can even cause an infection in the bladder, skin around the genital area, and the urethra. Visit our BV Symptoms page to learn more about all the symptoms associated with BV.

The causes behind Bacterial Vaginosis are vast. One of the most common viewpoints is that the condition is brought on through sex. This can be true, but there are so many different causes or reasons that you should not speculate that sex is the true cause. The main problem is an imbalance of pH inside the vagina, which leads to an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria inside the vagina as well as the reproductive canal. Other factors such as anemia, thongs, and even menopause are also known to be at the root cause of bacterial vaginosis. Check out our BV causes page to learn more.

If Bacterial Vaginosis is left untreated is can lead to serious and long lasting problems. On the other hand, with the correct treatment the condition can be cured quickly. Without treatment, health risks escalate to more serious health problems including endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervicitis. If you are pregnant and have bacterial vaginosis, you can have more complications that can lead to serous outcomes such as a miscarriage.

Let's review:

Complete Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

Bacterial vaginosis also referred to as BV is an infection that is caused by the increase in bad bacteria. The causes are vast with the main cause being a change in the pH balance in the vagina, which leads to an imbalance of the bad and good bacteria with the bad bacteria winning. The condition is curable with the proper treatment with natural remedies not only helping with the symptoms but also curing the problem. Bacterial vaginosis is a reoccurring condition that even after treatment can come back and can become very serous. However, those with this condition should not give up. The best step to eliminate bacterial vaginosis early so you can stop the reoccurrence and other complications for happening.

Many women that have suffered from severe and chronic types of bacterial vaginosis have successfully been able to cure the condition by using natural remedies such as herbal methods.